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Preserving emails. How hard can it be?

By Jim Costin, Bridging the Digital Gap Trainee Emails. Most of us have at least one email account with some people having as many as eight or nine. Since the introduction of the internet, email has been seen as an easy way of communicating between two parties and has now, for most of us, replaced traditional posted letters and fax machines. However, unlike as the picture above shows, emails are not without their downsides. For example, how often have you had to search back through a giant email thread for something only to find it’s in an entirely different email account? Or, how often have you tried to find that one email from someone you need to contact again only to find that it’s been deleted accidentally and you can’t get it back? Those are just some of the issues which present themselves when working with emails as opposed to letters. From an archival standpoint, however, things are much more difficult. I thought you could just take an inbox and preserve tha