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How can we preserve Google Documents?

Last month I asked (and tried to answer) the question How can we preserve our wiki pages? This month I am investigating the slightly more challenging issue of how to preserve native Google Drive files, specifically documents*. Why? At the University of York we work a lot with Google Drive. We have the G Suite for Education (formally known as Google Apps for Education) and as part of this we have embraced Google Drive and it is now widely used across the University. For many (me included) it has become the tool of choice for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The ability to share documents and directly collaborate are key. So of course it is inevitable that at some point we will need to think about how to preserve them. How hard can it be? Quite hard actually. The basic problem is that documents created in Google Drive are not really "files" at all. The majority of the techniques and models that we use in digital preservation are based around the fact that you

Archivematica Camp York: Some thoughts from the lake

Well, that was a busy week! Yesterday was the last day of  Archivematica Camp York  - an event organised by Artefactual Systems and hosted here at the University of York. The camp's intention was to provide a space for anyone interested in or currently using Archivematica to come together, learn about the platform from other users, and share their experiences. I think it succeeded in this, bringing together 30+ 'campers' from across the UK, Europe and as far afield as Brazil for three days of sessions covering different aspects of Archivematica. Our pod on the lake (definitely a lake - not a pond!) My main goal at camp was to ensure everyone found their way to the rooms (including the lakeside pod) and that we were suitably fuelled with coffee, popcorn and cake. Alongside these  vital  tasks I also managed to partake in the sessions, have a play with the new version of Archivematica (1.6) and learn a lot in the process. I can't possibly capture everything in this brief