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IT's personal: some thoughts from the journey home

Today I went to London to attend a Digital Preservation Coalition event on Personal Digital Archives . I like going to London and I like going to these sorts of workshops. I also like the time for reflection sat in the quiet carriage of a Virgin train on the way home. There is something about being cut off from the internet and away from the everyday distractions of the office which helps focus the mind.  Today was interesting because I expect like many of the attendees I was there with two hats on – being able to benefit from the day both as a digital archivist and as an individual with my own personal digital archive to maintain. What follows is not so much a summing up of the day, but just a quick mention of some of the thoughts I’m taking away.  There were some interesting presentations that I haven’t mentioned (apologies).  Gabriella Redwine from the  Beinecke Library  at the University of Yale gave a great introduction to the topic of personal digital archives, and d

Jisc Archivematica project update ...because digital preservation won’t just go away

Last month I was excited to discover that Jisc had agreed to fund a joint project between the Universities of York and Hull as part of their Research Data Spring initiative. The aim of this project (as mentioned in my previous blog ) is to investigate the potential of Archivematica for Research Data Management. There is a brief summary including my pitch here . We have had a number of other higher education institutions in the UK express an interest in this project and it is fabulous to see that there are others who recognise that the tools that digital archivists use could have much to offer those who are charged with managing research data. Of course we hope this project will also be of interest to a more diverse and international audience and we would like to benefit from the experience and knowledge that already exists within the wider digital preservation community. We are three weeks in to this project now and here is the first of a series of updates on progress. One of the init