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Spreading the word at the Northern Collaboration Conference

Collaborating with other delegates at the start of the day Photo credit: Northern Collaboration Conference, Kiran Mehta I gave a presentation last week at the 2015  Northern Collaboration Conference . My first trip to this conference which is primarily aimed at those working in academic libraries and proved to be an interesting day. The theme of the day was 'Being digital: opportunities for collaboration in academic libraries' so I thought our collaborative Jisc Research Data Spring project was a perfect fit. It was great to have a new audience to talk to about our plans to 'fill the digital preservation gap' for research data. Though it is academic libraries that are taking on this challenge, my typical audience tends to be those working in archives. Slides are available on slideshare . (epic fail on getting the embed code to work in Blogger) My slides are available on Slideshare  for those who want to see what I was talking about. I began by making sure that we were s