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Auditing the digital archive filestore

A couple of months ago I blogged about checksums and the methodology I have in place to ensure that I can verify the integrity and authenticity of the files within the digital archive. I was aware that my current workflows for integrity checking were 'good enough' for the scale at which I'm currently working, but that there was room for improvement. This is often the case when there are humans involved in a process. What if I forget to create checksums to a directory? What happens if I forget to run the checksum verification? Also, I am aware that checksum verification does not solve everything. For example, read all about  The mysterious case of the changed last modified dates . Also,  When checksums don't match...  the checksum verification process doesn't tell you what has changed, who has changed it, when it was just tells you that something has changed. So perhaps we need more information. A colleague in IT Services here at York mentioned to