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What shall I do for International Digital Preservation Day?

I have been thinking about this question for a few months now and have only recently come up with a solution. I wanted to do something big on International Digital Preservation Day . Unfortunately other priorities have limited the amount of time available and I am doing something a bit more low key. To take a positive from a negative I would like to suggest that as with digital preservation more generally, it is better to just do something rather than wait for the perfect solution to come along! I am sometimes aware that I spend a lot of time in my own echo chamber - for example talking on Twitter and through this blog to other folks who also work in digital preservation. Though this is undoubtedly a useful two-way conversation, for International Digital Preservation Day I wanted to target some new audiences. So instead of blogging here (yes I know I am blogging here too) I have blogged on the Borthwick Institute for Archives blog . The audience for the Borthwick blog is a bit differen

Preserving Google Drive: What about Google Sheets?

There was lots of interest in a blog post earlier this year about preserving Google Docs . Often the issues we grapple with in the field of digital preservation are not what you'd call 'solved problems' and that is what makes them so interesting. I always like to hear how others are approaching these same challenges so it is great to see so many comments on the blog itself and via Twitter. This time I'm turning my focus to the related issue of  Google Sheets . This is the native spreadsheet application for Google Drive. Why? Again, this is an application that is widely used at the University of York in a variety of different contexts, including for academic research data. We need to think about how we might preserve data created in Google Sheets for the longer term. How hard can it be? Quite hard actually - see my earlier post ! Exporting from Google Drive For Google Sheets I followed a similar methodology to Google Docs. Taking a couple of sample spreadsheets and downl