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How would you change Archivematica's Format Policy Registry?

A train trip through snowy Shropshire to get to Aberystwyth This week the UK Archivematica user group  fought through the snow and braved the winds and driving rain to meet at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth. This was the first time the group had visited Wales and we celebrated with a night out at a lovely restaurant on the evening before our meeting. Our visit also coincided with the National Library cafe’s Christmas menu so we were treated to a generous Christmas lunch (and crackers) at lunch time. Thanks NLW! As usual the meeting covered an interesting range of projects and perspectives from Archivematica users in the UK and beyond. As usual there was too much to talk about and not nearly enough time. Fortunately this took my mind off the fact I had damp feet for most of the day. This post focuses on a discussion we had about Archivematica's Format Policy Registry or FPR. The FPR in Archivematica is a fairly complex beast, but a crucial tool for the 'Preservat

Cakes, quizzes, blogs and advocacy

Last Thursday was International Digital Preservation Day and I think I needed the weekend to recover. It was pretty intense... ...but also pretty amazing! Amazing to see what a fabulous international community there is out there working on the same sorts of problems as me! Amazing to see quite what a lot of noise we can make if we all talk at once! Amazing to see such a huge amount of advocacy and awareness raising going on in such a small space of time! International Digital Preservation Day was crazy but now I have had a bit more time to reflect, catch up...and of course read a selection of the many blog posts and tweets that were posted. So here are some of my selected highlights: Cakes Of course the highlights have to include the cakes and biscuits including those produced by Rachel MacGregor  and Sharon McMeekin . Turning the problems that we face into something edible helps does seem to make our challenges easier to digest! Quizzes and puzzles A few quizzes