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Preservation metadata

Yesterday I attended the DPC event on preservation metadata  which focused on the PREMIS and METS standards. Coming at a time when I am reviewing various systems and software for managing digital archives and research data this was quite timely. The main message I took away from the day is that the key to actually creating and managing this metadata as ever is having the necessary tools! Jelly Beans by kayaker1204, on Flickr  - lots of these were consumed yesterday! Earlier this year with the help of an intern we collected together digital media deposited with the Borthwick Institute and got the data safely stored on our digital archive file store. For the time being, the metadata I am holding about these files is pretty limited (I am currently working to level one of the  NDSA Levels of Digital Preservation – metadata comes further down the line so I’m temporarily off the hook!). I do have some technical metadata for files (MD5 checksums and output from DROID) however, the need to