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Digital preservation begins at home

A couple of things happened recently to remind me of the fact that I sometimes need to step out of my little bubble of digital preservation expertise. It is a bubble in which I assume that everyone knows what language I'm speaking, in which everyone knows how important it is to back up your data, knows where their digital assets are stored, how big they might be and even what file formats they hold. But in order to communicate with donors and depositors I need to move outside that bubble otherwise opportunities may be missed. A disaster story Firstly a relative of mine lost their laptop...along with all their digital photographs, documents etc. I won't tell you who they are or how they lost it for fear of embarrassing them... It wasn’t backed up ...or at least not in a consistent way. How can this have happened? I am such a vocal advocate of digital preservation and do try and communicate outside my echo chamber (see for example my blog for International Digital Preservation Da