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'A' is for AtoM

Over the past couple of years we have been busy working away behind the scenes on our implementation of Access to Memory (AtoM) at the Borthwick Institute for Archives and very soon we will be launching our new catalogue to the public. I haven’t said much about AtoM on this blog thus far but it has been a huge preoccupation over the last couple of years. Here I attempt to redress that balance. It turns out that deciding to adopt a system is relatively simple, working out exactly how you are going to use it is far more complex! What follows is a list of just some of the things we have been thinking about and working on over the last couple of years as we move towards launch. I present you with the A to Z * of implementing AtoM…. A is for Accession Mask We were very keen to use AtoM for accessioning…in fact the need to urgently find a new system for recording our accessions was the key driver for getting us moving with AtoM in the first place. As we started using AtoM for recording new