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An imperfect migration story

Over the past six years as a digital archivist at the Borthwick Institute I have carried out a very very small amount of file migration. The focus here has been on getting things 'safe', backed up and documented (along with running a few tools to find out what exactly we have and ensure that what we have doesn't change). I've been deliberately avoiding file migration because: there is little time to do this sort of stuff  we don't have a digital archiving system in place we don't have a means to record the PREMIS metadata about the migrations (and who wants to create PREMIS by hand?) The catalyst for a file migration Recently I had to update my work PC to Windows 10. Whereas colleagues might be able to just set this upgrade off and get it done while they had lunch, I left myself a big chunk of time to try and manage the process. As a digital archivist I have downloaded and installed lots of tools to help me do my job - some I rely on quite heavily to help me ing