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Pitching for Archivematica at Research Data Spring

It was with trepidation that I attended the Research Data Spring sandpit last week. A sandpit has childhood associations with lazy long summers, but reading more about the format of the event it sounded more like an episode of Dragon’s Den. The ‘sandpit’ event was held at Birmingham’s Aston University campus  and we were at least rewarded with summer beach weather on the second day The first day of this event was set aside to explore and discuss ideas submitted through Jisc’s latest funding call ( Research Data Spring via Ideascale ) leading to potential new collaborations and partnerships. On the second day, idea holders were given the chance to pitch their idea to a panel of judges. In a kind of four minute ‘elevator pitch’ we had to say enough about our project idea to explain what we wanted to achieve, why it was important and what resources were required, as well as persuading the judges that we should receive funding. This was followed by a four minute grilling by the judges on