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What are the significant properties of a WordStar file?

I blogged a couple of months ago about an imperfect file migration . One of the reasons this was imperfect (aside from the fact that perhaps all file migrations are imperfect - see below) was because it was an emergency rescue triggered by our Windows 10 upgrade. Digital preservation is about making best use of your resources to mitigate the most pressing preservation threats and risks. This is a point that Trevor Owens makes very clearly in his excellent new book  The Theory and Craft of Digital Preservation (draft). I saw an immediate risk and I happened to have available resource (someone working with me on placement), so it seemed a good idea to dive in and take action. This has led to a slightly back-to-front approach to file migration. We took urgent action and in the following months have had time to reflect, carry out QA and document the significant properties of the files. Significant properties are the characteristics of a file that should be retained in order to