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Jisc Archivematica project update - making progress with the 'how?' and the 'what?'

I mentioned in a previous post that we have funding through the Jisc Research Data Spring initiative for phase 1 of a project to look at the potential of using Archivematica to help manage research data for the longer term. Here is the second of our project updates showing what progress we have made over the last few weeks. I can not quite believe we are already halfway through the first 3 month phase of this project. Where has all the time gone? The most exciting moment of the last few weeks was during a Skype call between the project teams in York and Hull when within minutes of each other, both institutions managed to get their first test archives transferred into their institutional implementations of Archivematica! A few technical hiccups after the initial setting up of Archivematica had stopped this momentous occasion happening earlier. This does to my mind highlight one of the resourcing implications of Archivematica, that a certain amount of technical skill is required to und