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Twelve interesting things I learnt last week in Glasgow

The Cloisters were a good place to shelter from the heat!  Photo Credit:  _skynet  via  Compfight Last week I was lucky enough to attend the first iteration of the Digital Preservation Coalition's   Advanced Practitioner Course . This was a week long course organised by the APARSEN project and based at the University of Glasgow on the warmest week of 2013 so far. On the first day Ingrid Dillo begun by telling us that 'data is hot' - by the end of the week it was not only data that was hot. It would be a very long blog post if I was to try and do justice to each and every presentation over the course of the week, (I took 30 pages of notes) so here is the abridged version: A list of twelve interesting things: These are my main 'take home' snippets of information. Some things I already knew but were reinforced at some point over the week, and others are things that were totally new to me or provided me with different ways of looking at things. Some of these things are