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I'll show you my research data if you show me yours...

My research data A few months ago I was having a clear out at home and came across a bunch of floppy disks in the drawer of my bedside table. This is my research data... Actually, that is not strictly true. I did a taught masters course and my research consisted of just a short dissertation at the end of the course. Most of these disks contain files from the taught element of my course and the subsequent dissemination of results.  I published a paper at the end of the masters on the findings of my dissertation.  If you are interested in the placement of Iron Age hillforts in the landscape then this is the book to look for. No-one has since approached me and asked if they can see the data that underlies this publication ...but this was the 1990's!  Times are different now. We expect our researchers to be able to produce the data and share it (where appropriate) so that others can build on their research.  I'm now involved in teaching researchers here at York about Research Data

New "Filling the Digital Preservation Gap" report released

I am pleased to announce that we have just published a new report on the "Filling the Digital Preservation Gap" project. Filling the Digital Preservation Gap. A Jisc Research Data Spring project. Phase Two report - February 2016 - Jenny Mitcham, Chris Awre, Julie Allinson, Richard Green, Simon Wilson. This phase 2 report, funded through Jisc's Research Data Spring initiative, details the work the project team have carried out with Archivematica over the last few months of the project.  Our phase 2 work had the following aims: Work with Artefactual Systems to develop Archivematica in a number of areas in order to make the system more suitable for fitting into our infrastructures for research data management Develop our own detailed implementation plans for Hull and York to establish how Archivematica will be incorporated into our local infrastructures for research data Consider how Archivematica could work as an above cam